Product Care


Thank You and Congratulations on your recent purchase of our jewellery. Each of the jewellery pieces from made in Harmony are delicately created and handcrafted using quality products. As they are Costume Jewellery, may we recommend that you take care of your special piece by following the care instruction tips below. With a bit of TLC, your jewellery pieces will remain in its lovely condition and be cherished for many days ahead.


  • Please keep and store your jewellery pieces inside its original pouch or box and in a dry and preferably air-tight place to prevent scratching, oxidisation, tarnishing or discolouration. If the piece is heavy, please avoid hanging it. Please lay it flat.


  • Please avoid wearing your jewellery while washing hands, showering, swimming and applying products (e.g. perfume, deodorant, hairspray, lotion, soap and other chemicals), as this may cause discolouration, tarnish or dull the surface, finishes or the platings used in the materials.


  • Please put on your jewellery last when dressing, and take off first when undressing. Please take care when doing so as they may be delicate in construction. (tip: when putting on or taking off jewellery pieces, stand over carpet rather than tiled/hard floor to avoid breakage or chipping when dropped.)


  • Avoid contact with water and direct UV sunlight as these can damage or discolour the components.


  • Avoid hard knocking or rough abrasion with other jewellery or surfaces.


  • To keep the jewellery pieces clean, use a dry clean cloth and/or cotton buds to rub and remove any surface dirt, bodily oils or perspiration. Silver polishing clothes are great for polishing up the metallic components and chains.

With a bit of T.L.C. your jewellery pieces will remain in lovely condition and be cherished for days to come!


Every jewellery piece purchased from made in Harmony will be individually wrapped and packaged with our signature velvet or organza bags for protection and keepsake.
Velvet-lined pearlescent cardboard gift boxes are also available for purchase via Gift Wrapping options.


Should your piece be damaged within 14 days of purchase date, please return it to our store along with the original receipt as proof of purchase for our complimentary repair service.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on ph 03 9859 9859.